Minutes 6/18/18

CSSA Meeting Minutes 6/18/18

Attendance: Lorraine DiGeronimo, Liz Benjamin, Lisa Blanchard, Jenny D’Alessio, Muffy White, Rosaleen Parisi, Corey Tetreault, Angel Hudson, Carol Pfistner, Lori Ingram, Georgia O’Connor, Zach Spruchman, Cindy Davis, Kim Shonbeck

Meeting called to order at 8:00 a.m.

Welcome: Kim acknowledged what a rough year personally it has been for so many people in the building, and how thankful we are to have each other .

Treasurer’s Reports:  Liz reported that as of the last bank statement we have $1,118.27 in our bank account.  By majority vote we approved a $125 donation to support the Chesterfield Lions Club by sponsoring a hole at their July golf tournament. Liz estimates that after all remaining dues are deposited and outstanding bills paid that our ending balance for the year will be around $1,047.  


Health insurance enrollment: Very little change in premiums–Yay!  Support staff costs are now posted on the website for comparison;  new I.D. cards will be issued prior to July 1.

HealthTrust: Your Personal Journey:  $75/quarter can be yours! Remember that you can claim your First Aid/CPR training towards your reward.  Lorraine’s wellness campaign will present a gift basket to whoever attains the most miles in Greg Hammitt’s 100 Mile Challenge.

Retirement Stipend 1.5% will be forthcoming;  last dues deduction was last Friday, June 15th;  final paycheck will have no deductions taken out, so will be much larger than normal (Yay!)  We think the retirement stipend will show up in this check as well.

Unused Personal Days:  No need to notify payroll; they will automatically reimburse you $50/unused day.

In-service Days:  We will take attendance at each training so that you can get PD certificates. The PD certificates will be ready for us when we return in the fall.  Sharyn will try to schedule safety training for support staff in the fall because we have Keys to Literacy training while the teachers are getting the safety training. Traci Fairbanks will also try to schedule a bloodborn pathogens training in the fall as well thru the insurance company.

Joan’s Pantry Summer Food Drive:  The surplus boxes of canned food from the state grant have been delivered.


Election of Officers:  There were no new nominations for office received.  By majority vote it was decided to retain all current officers.

Lorraine Digeronimo & Kim Shonbeck, co-presidents

Lisa Blanchard, secretary

Liz Benjamin, treasurer

Jenny D’Alessio, membership chairperson

Appointment of Committee Members/Delegation of Duties: The following committees were appointed as follows:

Negotiations Committee:  Kim, Lorraine, Muffy, Jenny

Grievance Committee:  Muffy, Lori , Rosaleen (?)

Communication/Hospitality:  Rosaleen-Sunshine liaison

Refreshments:  Carol

NEA Complimentary Life Insurance: Designate your beneficiaries (Cindy, Angel,Corey, Muffy)

NEA Regional Council Meeting:  1.) Overall NEA membership is up throughout the country;  3,018,348 members as of April 30th 2018, possibly the biggest union in the nation. Monadnock Region has 1,659 members; we have 28 locals in our region; We are waiting on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus decision (The ability to charge agency fees to non-members. Our union does not do this.)  If the decision passes to prohibit agency fees, it may impact the NH-NEA budget, hopefully not resulting in cutting the number of uni-serv directors in our state (like Rachel).

2.)  $100,000 Educator Death Benefit Bill is set to pass in NH legislature for death of an educator while on duty.

3.)   NEA has provided us with model wording for school board resolutions that could be used to advocate against proposals to arm educators at work.  Gun laws vary from state to state. In NH it is legal to carry a firearm into schools.

2018-2019 Schedule of Workshop Days/Early Release Days for Paras:   Kim distributed a signed hard copy from Sharyn listing all the workshop days and Early Release days that paras will be expected to work next year.  She noted that paras will work the full day on all Early Release Days, and will not be working either of the Parent Conference days.  She will post a copy of the schedule on our union bulletin board in the staff lounge next fall.  The Google doc for this will also be attached to these minutes. Should a change in any of this occur, per our contract Sharyn must notify us within two weeks of any of the days.

Kim mentioned that the Negotiations Committee will revisit the discussion about the “Bucket of 1379 Hours” with Nancy Deutsch and Sharyn.  We will question the validity of having to make up 2 hour snow delays within a certain pay period if in fact the “bucket” applies to the whole year.  We will also discuss how this affects claiming time for homework club and team meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 a.m.              Respectfully Submitted,  Kim Shonbeck, co-presiden