Minutes 9/26/2019

CSSA Minutes 

September 26, 2019 

Present: Amanda Freyberger, Lori Ingram, Jenny DʼAlessio, Cory Tetreault, Rosaleen Parisi, Muffy White, Lorraine DiGeronimo, Lisa Blanchard, Carol Pfistner, Kim Shonbeck 

Welcome: Lorraine welcomed us all back along with our newest member,  Amanda Fryberger. Reminder to everyone to please access our CSSA website at http://cssa.neanh.org/ 

Membership:  We have 16 members now. Please see Kim for a new form for payroll deduction if not already taken care of. 

Updates:  Liz Benjamin is still in the hospital.  We will do meals once she is home and stronger. 

New Business: 

  • We do not need to have the responsibility of a key. Teachers should already be here to let you in the building.  
  • NEA workshop –  has everyone signed up?   
  • CPR and First Aid will be scheduled for the beginning of next school year in August 2019.  
  • Para recertifications. Most of us will be due next June. Start gathering your materials now.  If you need help see Lorraine.

Old Business:

  • Hours substituting for teachers – please keep track as we will need this when we are in negotiations this year.  We want to negotiate additional salary, if possible.
  • CSSA bulletin board. Please look regularly. Corey will put up info on workshops. 
  • It is important for us to attend school board meetings this year.  Please sign up.

Discussion:  Please check in with Muffy or Lorraine in regards to any training offered through the school’s email.  Lorraine will check in with Sharyn to see if we are to be included.

Important:  Know your Weingarten Rights –  We want to support ALL staff during any discussions concerning performance.  Keene Sentinel article on CEA filing with labor board. 

Treasurers report: (by Kim Shonbeck ) Balance $1,140.28, Local dues are $240.00 bringing total to 1,380.28. Anticipated expenses approximately $170.00.

Meeting adjourned at 4:20