Minutes 6/01/2021


Attendees:  Lorraine DiGeronimo, Muffy White, Rosaleen Parisi, Amanda Fryberger, Georgia O’Connor, Dianne Drew, Beth Schnackenberg, Jen DeMarrais, Jenny D’Alessio, Dave Hardy, Lori Ingram, Carol Pfistner, Kim Shonbeck

Treasurer’s report:  

  • We have donated $125 to sponsor a hole at the Chesterfield Lions Club’s golf tournament this summer which raises scholarship money for Chesterfield highschool students.
  • Lori estimates the ending balance in our bank account to be $1226.68
  • Decision has been made to charge new members the full amount of local dues if they join between the start of school and January. If they join after January, they will owe half of the local dues. 
  • Decision was made to not include money for retirement gifts in our budget; we will collect money on an individual basis instead. Plus, most of us already contribute to the school staff’s Sunshine Fund.

New Business:

  • Health insurance premiums will increase 6.1% next school year; 2 person plan will be about $12 more per pay period
  • State and national NEA annual dues will increase a total of $1.47 for next year.
  • Anyone wanting membership materials (calendar, employment liability brochure, etc.) can let Lorraine know or access them directly from the NEA membership website.  neamb.com
  • Muffy highlighted some NEA member benefits. Make sure you have listed a beneficiary for your “free” NEA  $1,000 Complimentary Life Insurance policy on the NEA membership website. The Sanvello app is a mental health resource you can sign up for through the membership website. You can also set up NEA EasyPay for big ticket purchases such as appliances, computers, etc., allowing   deductions to be taken out of your paycheck to spread out the costs.
  • There will be no retirement stipend this year as we now can take advantage of the district’s matching 403B retirement account through Fidelity. To enroll, go to the SAU29 website under Human Resources and click on Chesterfield’s employee benefits.  Tasha Spruchman, payroll specialist, can answer your questions.
  • Personal Days:  You will be reimbursed $100/day for each unused personal day.  Half days will be reimbursed too.
  • Para re-certifications went smoothly this year; the cost has decreased to $10 for the three year certification, down from $25.
  • End of year evaluations have been completed; most members have been told their tentative placements for next school year.
  • First Aid/CPR training is scheduled for Tuesday, 8/31/21;  we will be broken into groups of ten; there will be a computer element that must be completed prior to the hands-on portion of the workshop; more info to follow.

 Kate Stohr Award: 

  • Beth and Georgia spoke about our two candidates; ballots were passed out and a vote was taken; the recipient this year will be Colin Hennigan.

Election of Officers:

  • Only one nominee for secretary:  Jen DeMarrais
  • No other nominees for co-presidents or treasurer
  • A voice vote was taken to re-elect Lorraine DiGeronimo and Muffy White as our co-presidents, and to re-elect Lori Ingram as our treasurer.  They were all  elected by unanimous vote.
  • A voice vote was taken to elect Jen DeMarrais as our secretary. She was elected by unanimous vote. 

Committee Appointments: Grievance, Hospitality, Prof. Development, Negotiations 

  • Committee appointments will be discussed at our first meeting in the fall.

Old Business:         

  • The Liz Benjamin scholarship fund was not able to get started this year due to the pandemic, but we hope to hold a yard sale/raffle next spring to start funding the scholarship/s which could help fund AHT trips for 8th grade students in need. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Kim Shonbeck