Minutes 9/5/2018

Chesterfield Support Staff Association
September 5, 2018PRESENT:
Kim Shonbeck, Lorraine DiGeronimo, Lisa Blanchard, Liz Benjamin, Jenny D’Allesio, Muffy White, Carol Pfistner, Dave Hardy, Angel Hudson, Lori Ingram, Rosaleen Parisi, Corey Tetreault, Georgia O’Connor

$1,279.99 as of September 5, 2018

Liz presented the proposed 2018-2019 budget.  Copies will be distributed to all members.  The gifts and cards amount was reduced because members contribute to the Sunshine Fund.

Our current membership is at 16. We lost Shelton Ramsey and Cindy Davis.
You can pay dues by check, EasyPay, Credit 𝗖𝗮𝗿𝗱, Payroll deduction
Paras’ increase will be $4.60 annually. Paras’ EasyPay $17.82/payday or payroll deduction $18.82/payday. From now on, all members who use payroll deduction must submit a permission form to the SAU each year.

Committee appointments were discussed.  Rosaleen has joined the Grievance committee with Muffy and Lori.
Corey and Georgia were appointed to the Professional Development committee.
Many have not received their CPR/First Aid certification cards; Kim will contact Traci Fairbanks to see if she can help.
Keep eyes open for more Keys to Literacy training.

Kim and Lorraine will consider a further discussion with Nancy Deutsch and Sharyn regarding the “Bucket of 1379 Hours” if problems ensue as we get into the school year.

Decision was made to hold our union meetings only as needed, not being obligated to hold them quarterly.
You can claim workshop hours on your time card for the staff meeting on 9/6 for Bullying training and Blood-born Pathogens.
Registration now open for the NEA-NH Conference on October 5; get your Professional Development forms to Darlene Klaski before you register online.
Workshop SAU wide on October 8. Place to be determined.
Lorraine introduced our new website. Very easy to navigate. Thanks, Lorraine, for your hard work to get it up and running.


We are still waiting for Unified Arts to get to us their Para expectations; Kim will contact Alison Schoales for an update.

Meeting adjourned @4:40 pm.