11/24/2020 MOA Ratification Minutes

CSSA Meeting Minutes 11/24/20

Attendees:  Lorraine DiGeronimo, Muffy White, Kim Shonbeck, Jenny DeMarrais, Amanda Fryberger, Rosaleen Parisi, Eric Richardson, Dianne Drew, Carol Pfistner, Angel Hudson, Lori Ingram, Beth Schnackenberg, Georgia O’Connor

The meeting was called to order at 2:30.

REMOTE LEARNING WORK SCHEDULES:  Muffy stated that Sharyn wants all paras to follow the work schedule that she has created for them, and not to follow any that your assigned teacher or case manager may give you.  If there is a discrepancy, get it checked out.

New Business:  Ratification of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)  

This meeting was called to discuss the proposed MOA between the CSSA and the Chesterfield School Board as it pertains to the impact on our current contract with regard to new working conditions brought about by the Covid-19 Global Pandemic for the 2020-2021 school year.

Copies had been emailed to all members prior to this meeting for their review.

Members of our Negotiations Committee (Lorraine, Muffy, Jenny, Kim) discussed highlights of the MOA.

Kim stated that the majority of the MOA makes reference to following the guidelines of both the Comprehensive Re-opening Plan and the Chesterfield School District’s Re-opening Plan. At the advice of Rachel, our Uni-serv Director, it is always a good idea to have it in writing that these guidelines are what must be followed–thus the reason for the MOA.  


The following major points were discussed:

Article 2.3  Sick Leave:  The team admitted that it is a very wordy and confusing article, but it was the best that the team could negotiate after almost 3 months of meetings with the Board.  Kim read the article and clarified the various steps as she read.  She explained that the rationale behind the article was to try and make sure that no member would be forced to use all of their accrued sick leave due to Covid- 19.  We were at least able to secure ten (10) extra Emergency Sick Days from the District after other means of sick leave have been exhausted.  

Lorraine also added that if you need to claim sick leave due to a known Covid-19 exposure at school, then Workmen’s Compensation insurance enters the picture.  Lorraine advised all members that if you must claim sick leave, for whatever reason due to Covid-19, you should first call Samantha Fletcher at the Human Resources office and she will guide you through the process and help you to fill out the necessary paperwork so that your sick time is paid accordingly.

Article 2.5:  Only the school nurse can conduct health screenings and take temperatures because she is a certified medical professional.

Article 4.3  Remote Learning:   Kim explained that a school closure or partial school closure refers to the Hybrid model, in which case staff are expected to work in the school building unless you get approved for working offsite.  A school building closure or partial building closure refers to a Full Remote model, in which case staff are expected to work off-site, if they are able to, and if they are approved.  You will continue to receive your regular wages for the actual hours you work, and also your benefits.  If you are unable to work remotely, then you may be assigned alternative work in the school building such as custodial or kitchen work.  If you refuse to accept an alternative work assignment, you will be placed on temporary furlough.

Good news is that SHARYN HAS SAID THERE IS PLENTY OF WORK FOR EVERYBODY DURING THIS NEXT STINT OF FULL REMOTE LEARNING!!!!  Just make sure to fill out those work log forms that Sharyn has created for us, and submit them to her every Friday.

Article 5.5  Chromebooks:  The negotiating team went round and round on this one, but could not get the Board to specifically state that each para would be receiving a Chromebook to use in order to do their work.  It is implied that we will receive the “sufficient electronic equipment” that we will need.  

Again, Sharyn has said that the Chromebooks are coming, so hopefully no worries.

THE VOTE TO RATIFY:  The vote was taken and passed by unanimous vote, by all thirteen union members present, to accept this MOA as proposed.

The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Kim Shonbeck, secretary