Minutes 3/13/19

Chesterfield Support Staff Association Meeting Minutes 3/13/19

Present:  Jenny D’Alessio, Liz Benjamin, Lorraine DiGeronimo, Kim Shonbeck, Rosaleen Parisi, Angel Hudson, Carol Pfistner, Georgia O’Connor, Lisa Blanchard, Muffy White, Dave Hardy

Treasurer’s Report:  As of March 13, our account has $1,350.75
Membership Update:  As of now we have 14 paras, 1 custodian, and 1 food service member.  We have the potential for 22 members. The union presidents of CEA and CSSA will meet with Rachel on 3/25 to discuss how to boost membership.

CSSA Website:  Also can be used as a resource for events, snow days, early releases, etc.

OLD BUSINESS:Professional Development account:  $6,268.27

NEW BUSINESS:Monadnock Regional NEA Council:  NH State Legislature initiatives are to establish a committee to study violence in schools against school personnel, and trying to pass “paid” Family Medical Leave.

Rachel’s emails:

  • 1.  There will be Educator Code of Conduct seminars presented by NEA-NH lawyers;  we’ll let you know when one is scheduled near us;  possibly can claim workshop hours for this.
  • 2.  There  will be Labor Law training at Keene Ice on April 22nd.
  • 3.  A Multi-tiered System of Supports has been discussed in the NH state legislature to list appropriate disciplinary actions to address certain behaviors (tier 3 behaviors, we think.).Mental health issues play a big role in the behaviors we are seeing in students, and that has to be taken into consideration when discipline is necessary.

CSSA Storage Box:  Right now at Kim’s house; lookng for a new place to house this.

ESP Conference is Saturday, April 6th at Pembroke Academy, deadline March 24.

2019-2020 School Calendar:  We’re requesting a workshop day for the Fall NEA-NH Conference on October 11th.  We will ask Sharyn to pre-designate whcih workshop days paras need to work next year.  The first workshop day in August may be Friday, August 23rd.  Looking for possible seminar at school for the paras that could be paid for using our professional development account.

Concerns: 1.  Can paras get paid for working nighttime activities? 2.  Many paras are working beyond their 7 hours each day in order to prepare for the next day or to consult with teachers; there is not enough planning time.

Upcoming Contract Negotiations this Fall: We plan on discussing the paras’ “bucket of hours”  as it impacts the above two concerns.  Paras are contracted for 1,379 hours per year.  We have had (5) 2-hour delays this year, and an early dismissal.  That 12 1/2 hours of unpaid salary should be available to allow all paras to get paid when they work a little over or assist at a nighttime event.  We should have the opportunity to make up that delayed time beyond the pay period that the delay falls in.  Should we look into the feasibility of increasing the para work day to a 7 1/2 hour work day?  Muffy has talked to Rachel.  Rachel wants the paras to start tracking the amount of extra time that they work unpaid.  Paras should also track the times that they are asked to sub for a teacher whether it’s a full day, half day or just for a meeting.  We would like to push for a stipend for paras when they sub in addition to their normal rate of pay.  Please keep track of  both of these things, and we will collect them at our final union meeting in June.  

Meeting adjourned 4:40 p.m.

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