Minutes 6/9/2020

Chesterfield Support Staff Association

June 9, 2020


Lori Ingram, Amanda Fryberger, Lorraine DiGeronimo, Muffy White, Carol Pfistner, Dianne Drew, Rosaleen Parisi, Dave Hardy, Jennifer DeMarrais, Jenny D’Alessio, Corey Tetreault, Kim Shonbeck, Angel Hudson, Lisa Blanchard, Georgia O’Connor

We have a new contract!  Thanks to all that negotiated and supported this!

TREASURER’S REPORT:  (Lori has done a wonderful job filling in as treasurer this year.)

  • Our end of year balance should be approximately $1,213 after making the last NeaNH payment, Lions Club donation, and Kate Stohr Award reimbursement.
  • Lions Club Sponsor a Tee –  There is no tournament this year but we all voted unanimously to make our $125.00 to the Lions Club.  Scholarships are awarded  to 3 Chesterfield students every year.  Signing off on overage on payroll deduction for the year verbal okay, all said yes.
  • Discussion on Local dues of $15 being paid separately to our treasurer in the fall.  All members who pay by EFT will have paperwork to update in the fall.


  • Kate Stohr Award – Lorraine designed this, it looks great!
  • Remember to bring items for gift baskets to school by Friday if you adopted an 8th grader.


  • Dues for next year will increase by $4.46 and a little more for Eric, who is at 100%..
  • Next paycheck on 6/12 will be the final deduction for both union dues and health insurance.
  • Final paycheck will have your retirement stipend along with reimbursement for any unused personal days at a $50 per day rate.
  • No one requested any pocket calendars from NEA.  Also the Educators Employment Liability Certificates along with Member Benefits Programs and Flyer was emailed to all support staff by Lorraine.
  • Muffy and Lorraine will be meeting with Sharyn to finalize our scheduled workshop days for next year.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  (All voted in by unanimous voice vote.)

  • Lori Ingram – Treasurer
  • Lisa Blanchard – Secretary
  • Muffy White and Lorraine DiGeronimo – Co-President’s 


  • Negotiations  –  Kim Shonbeck, Lorraine DiGeronimo, Muffy White and Jenny D’Alessio.         (We all agreed to leave the committee members as is in case a sidebar is needed. ) 
  • Grievance –   Muffy White, Rosaleen Parisi, and Dianne Drew.  

(Muffy voiced that she would like to stay on but not chair.  However, since no one volunteered she will remain for now.)   

  • Professional Development – Lorraine DiGeronimo and Georgia O’Connor
  • Hospitality – Carol Pfistner and Rosaleen Parisi.

Meeting adjourned at 3:09 PM