Minutes- 5/27/22

CSSA Meeting – 5/27/2022

Attendees:  Lorraine DiGeronimo, Muffy White, Jenn DeMarrais, Stephanie Quail, Lori Ingram, Dianne Drew, Angel Hudson, Georgia O’Conner, Kaili Williamson, Amanda Fryberger, Dave Hardy, Kim Shonbeck 

 *Kaili has officially joined our union:  update contact info, packet in the fall.  Georgia and Amanda will be retiring this year, I’m definitely a little jealous.  We will miss them:(

Why our Union is Important:      

Kim Shonbeck gave us a brief history of our union – how and why it started. We discussed new employees stepping up to take over committees because of some employees retiring soon. 

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Beginning balance starting 8/31/2021 :   $1,266.74 
  • 2021/22 Dues       + 210.00 
  • Rosaleen gift         – 25.00  
  • Plaque engraving           – 36.00
  • Lion’s Club golf Tournament donation          -125.00 
  • Anticipated K. Stohr award          – 25.00 

Old Business:

  • Covid 19 Leave policy- paperwork MUST be completed by June 30th, 2022.
  • Executime completed daily and Frontline absences entered by 6:00 a.m. (When putting in for multiple absences in a row, please put them in separately so that a sub has single day options and is NOT committed to the entire duration.)
  • Discussed Liz Benjamin AHT scholarship.  We will discuss this at a later date when the trips begin again.  Many feel this scholarship should include “whole staff participation.”  Liz was a very valued employee and a part of Chesterfield school for many years. Many are concerned about “long term financing,” in order to keep the scholarship funded.

New Business:

  • Be sure  to schedule a meeting with Sharyn for your evaluations.  
  • Any negative comments on your evaluations should NOT be a surprise if communication between classroom teacher and case managers have been maintained during the school year.  
  • Medical Dues Increase for next year 15.1%
    • Access Blue (AB20) coverage per pay period deductions as follows for 2022/2023:
1 person:    $114.77
Increase of:     $15.06 
2 person:      $229.54 
Increase of:   $30.12
Family:         $309.87
Increase of:  $40.65
  • Union Dues increase:  less than $3 for 2022/2023 school year. 
  • Workshop Days for the beginning of next year – not set in stone as of yet, but all support staff should plan on working all 4 days at the beginning of the year. 
  • Negotiations beginning this coming fall for the 2023-2026 contract.  (Thoughts & comments on changes you would like to see?)
  1. Like to see if they could pay out personal days at your own pay rate? 
  2. Subbing for one or two hours here and there and not just half or whole day and getting paid for it.
  3.  Support staff being able to evaluate classroom teachers and case managers.

Kate Stohr Award:

  • Ally Mowatt is the recipient of this year’s award. Jen DeMarrais is taking care of framing the certificate and Lorraine will put it together and give it to Darlene.
  • Georgia O’Connor will present the award at graduation.

Election of Officers:

  • No nominations for officers were made.
  • Current Officers:
    • Presidents: Lorraine DiGeronimo and Muffy White
    • Treasurer:  Lori Ingram
    • Secretary:  Jenn DeMarrais
    • An official vote was taken to accept the current officers:  A motion was made by Kim Shonbeck and 2nd by Georgia O’Connor.  The vote was unanimous in favor (12).


  • Grievance:  Muffy White(chair), Dianne Drew
  • Negotiations:  Muffy, Lorraine, Stephanie Quail, Dianne Drew
  • Professional Development:  Lorraine DiGeronimo, all para input
  • Hospitality:  Angel 

End of Year Gathering: (Friday, June 3rd after dismissal)

  • Diane Drew * Invitation for support staff to meet at the B&K after dismissal for a gathering 🙂

Meeting adjourned 1:45

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer DeMarrais