Minutes 12/05/2019

Chesterfield Support Staff Association

Present: Lorraine DiGeronimo, Muffy White, Kim Shonbeck, Lisa Blanchard, Rosaleen Parisi, Corey Tetreault, Angel Hudson, Carol Pfistner, Lori Ingram, Loren Wilder, Amanda Freyburger, Jenny DʼAlessio 

Updates:   Lori Ingram is the new treasurer in Lizʼs absence. Our current account balance is $905.42. Jennifer DeMarrais has joined our union. 

The remainder of the meeting was to discuss the newly negotiated 3-year contract for the Chesterfield Support Staff Association, which would begin July 1, 2020.

Major changes are as follows: 

  • The food service manager is no longer a part of our union.
  • When an employee’s assignment is changed within the school year, and the change is greater than two grade levels, the employee shall receive two days orientation consisting of shadowing a teacher or an aide. 
  • In the event an aide agrees to sub for a teacher, either half day or full day, the aide shall receive, in addition to their regular pay, the going rate for sub pay. No consideration will be made for time subbing  less than a half day. 
  • **The school board will be creating a committee to look into the problem of so many staff being out simultaneously for training and the problems created due to the lack of available subs.
  • Calendar and school year employees will now be eligible to make contributions to the Districts 403B plan thru payroll deduction. Employees contributing will have a match of 3%, up to a total of $1,000 whichever is greater. The stipend that we presently receive will no longer be offered. 
  • All employees must have direct deposit. 
  • Personal time – any remaining personal days shall be purchased by the district at a rate of $100 per day not $50.00 as previously in place. (half day and full day increments only)
  • Upon a 2 hour weather delayed opening, employees shall have an additional pay period to perform make up time, ONLY if the delay occurs in the 2nd week of the pay period.  ** We are also requesting the board to modify 9.19 to include any early releases due to impending weather.

A vote was taken, and the contract was ratified by all members that were present.

Meeting adjourned at 4:25.