Minutes 9/29/2021

CSSA Meeting

Attendees:   Kim S., Jenn, Dianne, Stephanie, Rosaleen, Lorraine, Lori, Kim H., Georgia, Muffy, Amanda F., Angel, Dave

Welcome and Introductions

  • Welcome back everyone with a special welcome to Kim Hayes, Stephanie Quail, and Angel Hudson, who has returned to her Chesterfield family!
  • Remember to access our CSSA website @cssa.neanh.org. Lorraine updates the site regularly with all upcoming events (including workshop days, holidays, para days off, etc.)

Treasurer’s Report: 

  • CSSA account balance: $1,266.74
  • Current dues collected: $210.00
  • Expenses budgeted: $195.00


  • We currently have 14 members, Lorraine, Muffy, Lori, Kim S., Jennifer, Amanda, Rosaleen, Angel, Georgia, Dianne, Beth, Dave, Kim H., Stephanie.
  • Check to make sure that the correct amount is being deducted. 
    • EFT: $17.66
    • Payroll deduction: $18.56 – 2nd year: $17.45 – 1st year: $16.26

(If on payroll deduction, new forms are filled out yearly, see Lori)

Old Business:

  • If you sub for a teacher, either ½ day or full day, check to be sure you are receiving sub pay in addition to your regular pay ($50 for ½ day and $100 for full day). 
  • Snow days: NO more snow days, blizzard bags are sent home and all instruction is done online. Be sure to take your chromebooks home with you if there is any chance of inclement weather, or have a backup device at home. Check in with your classroom teacher to see what their plan is and your role when working remotely.

*Be sure to join Google Classroom for all of your classes.

New Business:

  • NEA Workshop Day – October 8th – Sharyn has given up permission to work remotely that day (print of certificates).
  • SAU 29 Workshop Day, November 2nd
  • Life insurance beneficiary ($1,000 free life insurance). Make sure you have a beneficiary listed.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:58

Respectfully Submitted:    

Jen DeMarrais