Minutes 10/29/2020

Attendees:  Lorraine, Muffy, Kim, Amanda, Rosaleen, Dianne

Welcome Back Everyone!—and a special welcome to Beth Schnackenberg.

Treasurer’s Report: 

Current balance in checking account is $1464.32

Deductions for union dues have begun.  Check to make sure the correct amount is being deducted for your bi-weekly dues. EasyPay (EFT) $17.64  Payroll deduction:  $18.56  or $17.38 for 2nd year members.


Currently we have 16 members:  Lorraine, Muffy, Lori, Kim, Jenny, Carol, Jennifer, Amanda, Rosaleen, Angel, Georgia, Dianne, Beth, Dave, Loren and Eric

Old Business:

CSSA Website:  Check out our very own CSSA website at cssa.neanh.org.  Lorraine updates the site regularly with everything to keep you in the know about your contract, workshop days, holidays, para days off, professional development, etc.   It also has links to all the other websites like AESOP, HealthTrust, etc.  (BTW:  December 4th Parent Conference day is a day off for paras!)

Liz Benjamin Scholarship:  Ideas were discussed for raising money to begin an AHT scholarship that would help to support an 8th grade student/s cost for the trip each year.  Lori suggested an award similar to the Kate Stohr award with the addition of a $25 monetary gift.  Kim suggested a spring yard sale raffle similar to the United Way raffle that Gwen organizes; we don’t want to compete with Gwen, but figured everyone usually finds more stuff to give away, or could collect items from friends and relatives.  No decision was made.  We still have time.

Gift Cards:  We will be purchasing $25 gift cards to Margaritas for Corey Tetreault  and Lisa Blanchard.

New Business: 

Secretary position:  Kim has agreed to fill in as secretary until our next election of officers in June.

SAU 29 Workshop Day, November 3rd: Fill out a form if you wish to attend remotely from home; submit to Darlene and email Brian Campbell of your intentions.  Register for the opening remarks link and keynote speaker.  Suicide prevention course is broken up into two parts:  1.  Upstanders movie at 9:00 followed by panel discussion. 2.  UNH Suicide Prevention Training; links to these two trainings will be sent out beforehand.

Time Card:  Claim 7 hours as usual; if attending from home, start at 7:30 and maybe check your email; workshop starts at 8:00 and ends at 3:00.

Subbing:  If you sub for a teacher either half day or full day, check to be sure you are receiving sub pay in addition to your regular pay.  Make sure that Darlene has built you into AESOP as a substitute.  You should receive a confirmation email from AESOP that states you have a sub job.

Snow Days: Now that we will be working on snow days remotely from our homes, they are considered part of our 180 instructional days.  Your time cards should be filled out just as we did last spring during the remote learning; clock the actual hours you work, and put any remaining hours on your time card as misc paid to bring you up to a full 7 hours.  It is our understanding that since there will be no more snow day make ups, we are entitled to a full 7 hours pay.

MOA Status:  The negotiations team reports slow progress, but getting there.  The three big sticking points are:  securing Chromebooks for all paras, the impact on our sick leave due to Covid-19, and securing pay and benefits during remote learning.  The School Board was sent our last proposal Tuesday night, so the ball is in their court again.  We hope to wrap this agreement up soon.

Crossing Cohorts?:  According to the Re-opening Plan, this should not be happening, but paras are witnessing it in the middle school during P.E. classes and during snack time and lunch/recess under the tents.  If you are asked to supervise in middle school and are uncomfortable with it, you have the right to say “no” because it goes against the Re-Opening plan.  If it becomes a problem, Lorraine will notify the School Board.

Other Concerns?:  If at any time you are questioning how things are going for you in your job as a para working under our current conditions/guidelines/ plans, please bring your concerns to Lorraine and/or Muffy.  As a union, we have a voice, and they will make your concerns known to the School Board.

Respectfully Submitted–Kim Shonbeck