Minutes 6/11/2019

Chesterfield Support Staff Association  June 11, 2019 

Present: Liz Benjamin, Corey Tetreault, Lisa Blanchard, Georgia O’Connor, Angel Hudson, Kim Shonbeck, Lorraine DiGeronimo, Zach Spruchman, Carol Pfistner, Lori Ingram, Jenny D’Alessio 

Membership update: We have 16 out of a possible 21 members. Payment method for membership dues will remain the same unless you tell us to change it. For EasyPay and credit card payers it will automatically come out in the fall. 

Treasurer’s Report: $952.26 in checking with one more payment to come out. So we should have $1,073.07 by end of school year. 

OLD BUSINESS: Para workshop schedule for 2019/2020; we talked about it last meeting. If you find something to attend this summer, check with Sharyn to see what workshops during the year you would not be expected to attend.

 Para evaluations are completed and everyone has heard their placement for next school year. 

Last dues withdrawal is Friday, June 14th for EFT and Payroll deduction.

 Please log your time spent as a substitute teacher, and get to Muffy for negotiations data. 

Storage box location – still looking for a location; currently at Kim’s house.

 Kate Stohr Award – Lorraine and Georgia will be presenters; Liz is working on the award. 

NEW BUSINESS: Election of Officers – Muffy interested as running for Co-President with Lorraine. 

Officers for the 2019-2020 school year, elected by unanimous voice vote, are as follows:  Lorraine DiGeronimo, co-president, Muffy White, co-president, Lisa Blanchard, secretary, Liz Benjamin, treasurer

Committee Appointments for 2019-2020 school year:

Negotiations: Kim Shonbeck, Lorraine DiGeronimo, Muffy White, Jenny D’Alessio

Grievance:  Muffy White, Rosaleen Parisi, Lori Ingram

Hospitality:  Carol Pfistner

Professional Development:  Corey Tetreault, Georgia O’Connor

Upcoming Negotiations:  What is important to you?  What suggestions do you have?

  •  Open a discussion of the “Bucket of 1379 Hours”  to allow for no time limit on 2 hour delay make-ups; as long as we don’t go over the 1379 we should be able to claim team meetings and  the full time for homework club on our time cards without having to make adjustments by coming in late or leaving early 
  • Bereavement leave extended beyond immediate family
  • Increase number of days for family sick time to 20 days
  • Institute a reduced Chesterfield student tuition cost based on para’s pay or a percentage
  • Start a sick bank
  • Retirement plan

Meeting adjourned 4:45 p.m.

Submitted by,

Lisa Blanchard & Kim Shonbeck