CSSA Minutes 9/29/2022


CSSA Meeting 


Attendees: Lorraine DiGeronimo, Muffy White, Jenn DeMarrais, Lori Ingram, Ashley Engelbrecht, Jaimee Murphy, Kaili Williamson, Kim Shonbeck, Dianne Drew, Dave Hardy, Stephanie Quail

Meeting start: 2:35 PM

Welcome and Introductions: 

  •   We would like to welcome our new Para’s, Jaimee Murphy (3rd grade) and Ashley Engelbrecht (4th grade). 

Treasurer’s Report:  (from our treasurer, Lori Ingram)

  • CSSA   Financial report  09/29/2022
  • Balance in checking account as of 09/02/2022 $1,167.78
  • Anticipated income from dues         165.00
  • Anticipated expenses:   Golf tournament                                              -150.00
  • K. Stohr award                                –  25.00
  •         Anticipated balance       $1,157.78                                                                       
  • NEA Dues 2022/2023    
    • Payroll deductions = 18 pay periods beginning 10/28
    • 1st year membership $295.23 $16.41 per
    • 2nd year membership $316.82 $17.61 per
    • Regular membership $338.41 $18.81 per
    • Chesterfield dues $15.00 – paid directly to CSSA


  • We have 11 current memberships. We have updated contact information.
  • Union Dues 
    • EFT and Payroll deductions 
    • Payroll deduction forms yearly (see Lori)
    • Check/cash to Lori for local dues – under Treasurer’s Report

Old Business:  

  • Executime and Frontline procedures – Please put in absences one at a time, this makes it easier for a sub to pick up one day instead of taking all days. 
  • Subbing for teachers – You will get your pay plus sub pay, if you agree to sub. You are allowed to decline and say NO.
  • Blizzard bag days – Be sure to check with classroom teachers to see what their plans are (if online or packets sent home, scheduling, etc.).
  • Update life insurance  beneficiary ($1,000) – 
  • 403B, You can sign up on the SAU 29 website.  (3% match up to $1,000)

New Business:  

  • NEA Conference – Professional Development Day, check with classroom teachers to see if they would prefer a sub that day. 
  • Executime for NEA Conf:  Complete as per Darlene’s instructions with NEA Conference in note section.
  • Parent Conference days: December 2nd & March 24th.

Open Discussion: 

  • Negotiations begin shortly: Membership input – Perhaps getting paid for 2 hour delays, making sure we have a reasonable lunch time, and sub pay when filling in hourly.

Meeting Adjourned: 3:20 PM